Regulator Compliance 

Company Secretarial Services

Trade marks


Verify personal information

We check and verify various pieces of personal and confidential information on juristic and natural persons. 

You process this information in line with your procedures.

Ethics Management 


Ethics risk and opportunity assessment | Ethical culture assessment

Strategy and planning  

Design, revise codes of ethics and or conduct | Design and revise ethics-related policies to align with your codes of ethics and or conduct


Provide guidance and support of record keeping, analysis and evaluation of relevant policies to align with codes of ethics and or conduct. | Management of an automated declaration of interest portal (Gifts and entertainment, conflict of interest and due diligence, extra-remunerative work). | Orientation, training and development to effect behavioural change. | Alignment of ethics management intervention to HR systems and interventions

Design an ethics communication strategy. | Advisory services on safe reporting (‘speak-up’ culture or whistleblowing) 


Reporting on ethics management and performance